Dogs: Training and Care for Mans Best Friend.

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Dogs: Training and Care for Man’s Best Friend

With his 30 years of experience he can train your dog, teach you how to train dogs, or sell you the dog of your dreams. Him and his team of trainers can train assistance and service dogs, protection dogs, search and rescue dogs, and have successfully trained lots of dogs in a variety of types of advanced dog training.

Mainly they provide an amazing basic obedience package, which addresses many of your everyday problems that are unique to your dog and gives you a well behaved member of the family! Posted on December 20, Brought to you by yahoolocal. Private and profesional dog training at its finest. From basic to advanced obediance, tricks, agaility, and problem solving Home and family protection, estate dogs to police work. See More. Posted on January 30, Brought to you by facebook. Training from man's best friend is private and professional.

This means I work with your dog and your family, one-on-one in until you are ready for the distractions of everyday life, then I work with you through that. First, I start with your dog. You will be pleased while you watch me teach your dog all of the basic commands on a leash.

The training is fun to watch, soft touch, and artful Posted on July 03, Brought to you by kudzu. I have no experience with the actual skills of Lee Hamilton, however I can tell you his professionalism and integrity are minimal at best. Through different correspondence between Lee, Hope, and Michelle I received information about having a service dog trained to meet my needs with visual impairment and hearing loss.

We agreed on tasks that were reasonable one of the female employees requested my deposit as soon as possible, Which I gave. I was promised videos of the dog prior to payment, that didn't happen. After payment I was promised videos within a few days, that didn't happen. In the very beginning I was told they would start the search for dogs after the payment was received and I would see multiple videos before commitment to one single dog. Then, before payment was given Lee told me that he had a great dog for me and there would be no "need "to look around.

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I trusted him and agreed to that dog. Yes, that was not a very smart decision. Once payment was received I could not get a video of the dog, responses to questions or emails. As I said after three weeks I began to be more assertive to get information about the dog. I cannot tell you how many times I heard "we are so busy quote.

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He admittedly said he was too busy to return emails and that he didn't have time for that. He did not have time for phone conversations to discuss details that I needed for reassurance. He stated that he has no idea how he would begin to train a dog to alert me of noises at night! He read the list that he sent me of what I was paying for an admitted that he could not train a dog for those tasks.. On his list! He told me I was expecting too much, though all the information I had given him was from the national service dog organization.

This man was insulting and rude telling me that I was taking up too much of his time trying to find out consistent information and fill in the gap's between the different statements I was hearing from him and his staff.

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I asked him for itemized information on what I was getting. He repeatedly told me to open the invoice on PayPal, though no itemization existed. His daughter hope, agknowleched this in an email saying it did not go through and she was going to find another way to send the itemized statement.

Now over hree weeks later I received one video, two days ago after nagging, because simple requests were not working! He doesn't have time for that! As I said earlier, he admitted that he was in capable of training a dog to do things on the itemize list that he sent to me! After weeks of no videos or information I asked for some documentation; Of his purchase of the dog, the dogs health, the dogs pedigree, anything specific about the dog?

He accused me of calling him a liar simply because I wanted documentation about the dog.

Relationship Coach, Dog Behaviorist and Dog Trainer

He also told me that he did not keep receipts or contracts about sale of dogs. I found this very distressedful , It is so unprofessional! What kind of business person does not keep records? A man who sells and trains dogs does not keep documentation about purchases of the animals? This is true, the money doesn't matter, the false information I was givin, inconsistent statements, and basically the runaround… That matters very much! I have emails from the staff contradicting things Lee has said.

He has now refunded my money and broken the contract, apparently because I have proven his professionalism untrustworthy.

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A month has been wasted for me because this group said everything right upfront, then did not follow through with anything, even something as simple as sending a video of the dog. Being recently disabled my Life is on hold, having to restart the process. He asked me why did you agree to pay for something you hadn't seen and basically told me I was stupid for doing that.

I admit I was stupid for putting a deposit on a dog I had not seen and using a verbal commitment.

For a business owner to tell you that it was stupid of you, to trust them.. Enough said. Excuse errors, I use speech to text. For the record I have two bachelors degrees when masters degree. This little dog book will help you pick out the right dog for you and also everything you need to know how to care for your new dog. Raising a dog is like bringing up a child in many ways, you have to teach and feed them, and you must care for their injuries, and you have to interact with them much like a child.

Having a dog as a pet has a lot of responsibilities that cannot be pushed away, or your dog will suffer.

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  6. So if you want to have a dog then just be sure that you are willing to do all that is involved in raising your new friend. While I was attending high school, I met my wife. We have five children.

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