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His long-suffering spouse, "Wifey", often has to beg forgiveness for her husband's misbehavior, only to beat him senseless afterward. Though his shameless behavior is usually punished, generally by his wife or the boyfriends of his victims, he generally concludes that it was all worth it.

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On the whole, he is a popular figure among the less conservative characters in his universe: he is often seen as the jovial life of the party, charming to women and admired by men. Jack , while never as popular as Little Jimmy , still had a considerable influence.

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One clear derivative was Mr. George by Harold Knerr , the second author of the Katzenjammer Kids.

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Jimmy Swinnerton 's Mr. Jack February 12, Don Markstein's Toonopedia.


Archived from the original on March 9, Retrieved July 3, Archived from the original on April 15, Barnacle Press. Archived from the original on Retrieved He can even try to use the darkness to secretly flee the district!

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Content: 1 game board, 8 tokens, 6 tiles lit gaslights tiles, 2 covered manhole tiles, 6 double-sided tiles Gaslamp-Park, 1 Turn marker, 2 Police cordon tokens, 8 character cards, 8 Alibi cards, 1 witness card. Description - London - Whitechapel district. Aim of the game The goal of the player who plays "Jack" is to escape the investigator before dawn or to leave the district by taking advantage of the darkness.

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Rules of the game Eight investigators have gathered to catch the cunning Jack. Mike C. Todd P. Jesse D. Renee is drinking a Mr.

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Brian is drinking a Mr. Purchased at Berkshire Brewing Company. John B. Dwayne is drinking a Mr. Jack by Leadfoot Brewing at Meadow Street.

James M. Pumpkin light tastey I like.

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Not my favorite pumpkin but yeah reminds me of fall. Jody B. Jack by Leadfoot Brewing at The Taproom.