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Ready to get Amazon Web Services up and running? Here are 10 tips for a smooth start with AWS. What's the state of tech training in ? Find out how much companies spend, what challenges they face and more.

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Should your business go straight to the public cloud without considering private or hybrid options? Find out here. Not sure which Cisco cert to get? Read more. The world of business intelligence is growing into the cloud, and as such, a whole new list of vendors have emerged. When it comes to the public cloud, what's best for your business: AWS or Azure? Take a look at the comparison. Big technology changes are underway. From growing adoption of enterprise cloud services to big data analysis, Setting aside time for your team to train can actually save time.

Hiring for IT? Choosing the right virtualization solution for your business can be tough. Here are seven things to think about.

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Comparing Microsoft Remote Desktop Services vs. Read more to discover the best option for See our list of the top 15 Apache open source Hadoop frameworks! See what frameworks you should know to help build a Certification is one of the most affordable employee benefits a company can provide. Learn more about why you should It's time to stop building scripts and start making tools. Take these PowerShell tips from Pluralsight author, Adam This series will provide you with the tools necessary to pass the LFCS exam and, ultimately, kickstart your career in This series will walk you through PRINCE2, the popular project management process, and bring you closer to passing the Prepare for the exam, which aims to measure your ability to implement websites, virtual machines, cloud Falling behind in security can start a downward spiral that leaves a company open to attack and loss of confidential There are several misconceptions out there about VLANs.

We've compiled a list of 5 of the most common misconceptions This course shows you how to use Samba and other interoperability tools to integrate Linux systems into an existing Let's do a quick rundown of Let's take a little time to go more in depth Online training providers can give you the best quality instruction, the most relevant content to your IT career, and Dynamic memory is a highly marketed feature of both vSphere and Hyper-V, allowing you to assign more memory to the Business users have seemingly limitless options with the R programming language.

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  • See how to use R to create reports and Are you constantly making fixes to an imperfect technological solution that was once implemented? This is known as After reading this blog you should have a handle on how to create your own custom PDF renderer plugin with Ruby on Pluralsight author and IPv6 enthusiast Ed Horley breaks down the truth about transitioning to v6.

    This article focuses on data cleaning and how to write R code that will perform basic data cleansing tasks. Learn this PowerShell offers a few different ways to execute external processes that allow you to better control their execution, Heard of the Go programming language?

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    Want to learn how to import data into R? Security expert and Pluralsight author Troy Hunt explains security tips for enterprise. Learn more about Want to learn BizTalk? This path will take you from little to no knowledge of BizTalk, all the way up to using more See how to change We sat down to chat with Susan about one of her favorite topics: web standards, a perfect blend of two things she loves While there's nothing really wrong with using if statements, it can help to avoid them when possible.

    Here are some The PERT formula creates the arithmetic mean for a bell-shaped, statistical curve to help make practical estimations Before you find yourself scrambling to put out fires, take heed of these three tried-and-true troubleshooting tips that Leveraging the cloud for your business is about utilizing cloud platform building blocks to develop effective SAP offers some appealing tools for facilitating projects.

    Too often, people in IT get hung up on which technologies they should and shouldn't learn based on their current role Broken code holding you up? We know how frustrating that can be. Here are a few things you might want to try next time CloudFlare can do everything from optimizing your traffic to stopping attacks. Get SSL on your site with the help of System Administrators are the unsung heroes working behind the scenes long after you leave.

    PowerShell isn't necessarily a programming language, but it exhibits many of the same characteristics.

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    Learn some tips With the Foundations under your belt, you're ready to tackle this course series on Data Center Virtualization, which It's time to ditch your morning checklist, implement a monitoring solution and go on about your day knowing your You need to be proactive about your career goals. A promotion checklist can help you achieve the results you desire VMware is one of the most respected companies offering cloud solutions. Let's take a look at everything you should know about Nano Server. Nano Server is an installation option in Windows What are the performance indicators that set the very best organizations apart from the rest?

    One is employee education I use Microsoft WebMatrix to work with the code on my websites, and since I know I'm not alone here, I'd like to share VMware vSphere is the leading hypervisor in the world today. Why should you invest your time in learning vSphere 6? Rigging is the process of creating bones and joints for 3D models which allows the animators to pose and manipulate Want to learn ethical hacking skills? Pluralsight has created this series of courses to help guide you through the core If you allow External Sharing in SharePoint Online, users can share documents or site collections, instead of emailing Azure rights management software encrypts files so only specific people can open them and it lets you choose what those This series is designed to help prepare you to design and implement a Windows Server and Windows Server R A PowerShell foreach loop is a simple language construct that enables you to iterate through a set of items in a If you administer a SQL Server database but you'd like to expose all the data you've collected in more interesting and Change the registered organization.

    In the right pane double click Password must meet complexity requirements. Set it to Disabled. Click OK. Turn off Shutdown event tracker: Click Run in the menu Start, then type gpedit. The Local Group Policy Editor opens. Change its value to Disabled and click OK.

    Save your change by clicking OK. The Services management console opens. In the Services window scroll down to Windows Audio and double-click it. Select Automatic as Start-up type. Click Apply. Click Start to start the Windows Audio service. Set both Administrators and Users to Off. Save the changes by clicking OK. Check Desktop Experience.

    Also, click SMTP. Click Next. After installation, click Close. Shut down your computer. Add a second network adapter bridged Start your computer. There are always additional updates.

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    Promote the machine to a domain controller by running dcpromo. Follow the installation steps according to screenshots below. You will want to create accounts for these users. Click Installation in the left side of the Wizard and then click New installation wait Click ok on the Setup Support Rules page, assuming all rules passed.

    Review and accept the license terms. Microsoft appreciates you clicking to agree to send feature usage data to help improve product features and support. Click Install on the Setup Support Files page.

    Click Next to continue. Click Next on the Installation Rules page. McDonough, Bart. NET blog , Septebmer 15, Convert your Windows Server R2 to a Workstation! Majdalani, Tarek. Post navigation How many content databases per site collection? Do you recommend such a path and afterwords, do you think i can take the VHD and use it elsewhere, like on a Hyper-V on Windows R2 machine? Will i actually be able to develop on my Mac using this setup and push out to my production environment?

    You sure can! If you can swing for an additional computer with lots of ram GB , you can set it up as the host with several virtual machines: one for dc, one for SQL, a third for your app server. Throw in a client if you have the ram. Then remote into that computer. Then you can mount it as a network drive from inside your VM and copy and save solutions there. You can then access other network drives or remote into your server from inside your VM.